The Man Behind The Desk

Tommy Duffin is a veteran touring musician and recording engineer, performing in bands such as Headless Kross, The Cosmic Dead, Thisclose, The Plimptons, Atomgevitter and many more. Over the years he has recorded and mixed heavy rock, punk, hardcore, psych rock, death metal, black metal, doom, rockabilly, garage rock, post-rock, dark wave synth-pop….. He’s precise, intuitive, passionate and easy to get on with. He’s also willing to try new approaches and can be persuaded to pursue your mad idea if your vision requires it. Whatever your project is, Tommy will dedicate all his skills to helping you make it the best it can be for YOU. 
Tommy also takes on mix-only projects for international clients, dialogue and sound-FX editing, audiobook recording and just about anything else that requires a microphone in front of it.  Contact Tommy to discuss your project today. 

Sounds from the client catalogue

What does a 16 Ohm production sound like? Well have a listen to these good people here to find out…